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About Us


Privately owned Shiner's Car Wash was established and has serviced the Kingwood community since 1997. The original configuration of the facility was a 5 self-serve wand bay and two automatic bays, one touch-free and one soft brush and 5 vacuum bays.

In 2020, a major investment was made to build a brand-new 150 Ft. express tunnel to provide a superior and faster car wash experience. Equipped with advanced computerized MacNeil tunnel car wash technology containing vehicle profiling, microcellular closed-cell Envirosoft foam brushes, and environmentally safe soaps and waxes.

Shiner's Express Car Wash 150 ft tunnel is the longest tunnel in the area that allows a superior wash by allowing the optimum timing of the numerous wash applications only longer tunnels can only provide.

For the protection of the environment, more than 50% of the water used is recycled and used only on the high-pressure wheel and rocker panel applications leaving fresh soft water for soap, wax and spot free applications.

Shiner's Express Car Wash also provides free 19 spacious vacuum bays with easily accessible mid-car hanging hoses on each side connected to a quiet centralized vacuum system that suction pressure automatically adjusts based on the number of cars using the system.


Shiner’s Express is committed to doing our part to give back to the people of Kingwood. For sponsorship request please send us your info!

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